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Leading personal development speaker and author of Your Journey to Success.

As an emotional mastery coach and founder of The Greatness Movement,
he works with successful entrepreneurs, professional athletes, individuals, and families.

He has been featured for his work in Psychology Today, Phoenix Magazine and Reader’s Digest among other popular publications.

Through his powerful methods, transformational coaching and life-changing workshops, Kenny’s mission is simple: to help as many people as possible become the greatest version of themselves.

The Story Begins

Raised by struggling parents who had four children by their early 20s, emotions ran high in the Weiss household. Add in a father who was beaten as a child and a mother who was adopted, and it is easy to see why Kenny grew up in a home with a rage-filled dad and an alcoholic mother.

Kenny’s upbringing molded his life, one in which he faced many of his own struggles. After battling with his personal demons for years, he contemplated suicide. Holed up in his apartment for three days, he found himself trying to write a suicide note to his own children. But when he tried to justify his choice, he just couldn't. Every time he tried to write a sentence, he realized there was no way he could take his life without completely transferring his pain to his children.
After more than 30 years of reading, studying, going to seminars, and working with counselors trying to get a handle on his own issues and pain, he had an epiphany: something is drastically missing in society and the personal development field.

At that moment, he went into his office and wrote down these words.
"I want to come up with a revolutionary process no one else has discovered that will fundamentally change society!"

This is when he started the journey which would later become  The Greatness Movement.

A Powerful Transformation

Kenny readily admits that his mentor, Mike Pinkston, saw the passion in him and his potential for greatness. The same passion that would allow him to refine techniques and help others. As a bright-eyed mentee, Kenny began by leading several self-help groups and also became a go-to accountability partner for many of Mike’s clients.

Through his own personal struggles, immense growth, and study, Kenny successfully transformed his life and today helps others do the same. His success comes from a self-mastery approach to helping people face their struggles, often in the areas of relationships, careers, addiction, stress, anxiety, depression, fear, and trauma.

Kenny’s advanced coaching style equips students with life-long tools that eventually allow them to become their own coach. Known for his deeper “no-fluff” approach, he is the coach people call when all else has failed.

Having personally experienced many of the challenges his clients face including addictions, two divorces, one of which he was the victim of verbal and physical abuse, bankruptcy, and contemplating suicide -- Kenny’s approach makes a lasting difference in their transformation. He doesn’t just talk the talk, he’s lived it and survived it.

While some may find his profound approach unnerving, his clients express how it derives from a place of love and empathy, which often comes with a raw directness to help someone get out of their comfort zone and become the greatest version of themselves.

Just like Elvis disrupted the music world, it is Kenny’s vision to rock the world of personal development by completely changing its process. With his unique approach and love for others, he has created a revolution to help people discover their greatness and share it with the world.

The Greatness Movement

Kenny’s ultimate mission in life is to help people face the darkness they’re dealing with and navigate through it. In his own words, “I can’t be there with them for every life challenge. I’d be doing a disservice to them if they don’t gain the mastery of self. That’s the difference between my program and the others out there. With this kind of mastery, you’re empowered to detach from any outside dependence and to become self-sufficient in your personal development.”

Kenny officially launched The Greatness Movement in 2018 after the release of his seminal work, Your Journey to Success. The book serves as a blueprint detailing how he took years of research, courses, seminars, and books and found the gap in it all to create a process for making lasting changes. In it, he highlights his own traumatic experiences and how everyone can learn the secret to living in his or her own greatness.

The mission of The Greatness Movement is to not just understand “why” things aren’t working, but more importantly to understand “how” to change them.

The core of this movement is based on two fundamental pillars.

One, it gives everyone the skills, tools, and knowledge to be The Greatest Version of Ourselves as parents, in relationships, in our emotions, our professions and across all other areas of life.

And two, as a result of having these new skills and tools, a new era of acceptance and permission creates an innate desire in us all to become experts in sharing — and overcoming — our pain.

Kenny also shares how he learned to love, accept, and forgive himself, and walk in peace - a peace he’s now able to teach others to achieve.

Private Coaching

Get over the fear and discover who you are with no apologies so you can truly love yourself and live your greatness.


Group Coaching

Transcend the “same old, same old” personal development teachings with a “no fluff” approach. Join the Greatness Movement and uncover the missing link to your self-mastery.

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The Best
is Yet
to Come

Today, after many years, Kenny has helped countless individuals from all walks of life become the greatest version of themselves. From taking their life back to growing their business to developing deeper relationships and gaining confidence in themselves and their decisions.

But like all successful movements, for Kenny, it’s far bigger than helping just one individual. It’s his hope to bring together people from all over the world who will pass this movement along to fundamentally change humanity for the better.

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