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Your home for your
Emotional Mastery Journey

Helping you brave the darkness you’re facing and navigate through it by unlocking the power of emotional self-mastery— the skill you need to become your own emotional mastery coach.

Igniting Lasting Change

Through years of trial and error, study, and personal experience, Kenny found a major gap in the personal development world. While people love to consume it, few have been able to implement what they’ve learned.  

This is where Kenny and The Greatness Movement fill the gap.

Living in the Moment
Self-mastery of thoughts and emotions enables people to elevate participation in their own lives. They learn to say no and have boundaries. Fear is replaced with confidence. Vibrant health returns. Life is managed with grace and elegance.

People become who and what they dreamed of becoming but didn't have the mindset and confidence to actually follow through on. Old habits and thought patterns are dissolved. New careers and financial abundance materialize.

Playing Well with Others
Destructive relationships become a thing of the past. Parenting evolves into a joyful experience. Partners notice a change, and mutual respect becomes the foundation for a healthy, harmonious relationship. New friendships appear and old ones grow stronger - or end.

About Kenny

Kenny Weiss is an emotional mastery coach, leading personal development speaker, and the author of Your Journey to Success. As a certified coach and founder of The Greatness Movement, he works with successful entrepreneurs, professionals, athletes, individuals, and families. He has been featured for his work in Psychology Today, Phoenix Magazine and Reader’s Digest among other popular publications.

Through his powerful methods, transformational coaching and life-changing workshops, Kenny’s mission is simple: to help as many people as possible become the greatest version of themselves.

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Kenny Weiss is all about personal development and change, but he’s not your standard “think-positive guru”. His unique approach cuts through the clutter and delivers actionable takeaways that ignite REAL change.

With this kind of master, you’re empowered to detach from any outside dependence and to become self-sufficient in your personal development.

In his practice, he helps people in three ways:

  • Individual and family sessions
  • Professionals regarding career issues
  • Group Workshops
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As Seen In

Private Coaching

Get over the fear and discover who you are with no apologies so you can truly love yourself and live your greatness.


Group Coaching

Transcend the “same old, same old” personal development teachings with a “no fluff” approach. Join the Greatness Movement and uncover the missing link to your self-mastery.

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Lynne C

"I’ve embarked on the Greatness Movement with Kenny Weiss. It makes so much sense. Understanding myself is unlocking my own unique brilliance and it’s damn exhilarating! I had no idea how much pain I’ve carried with me."

Jay J

"Kenny has guided me through the process of peeling back the layers of fear, so that I can forgive myself, love myself and live the life that I deserve."

Marie L

"Getting over my fear of sharing my feelings in a relationship. Speaking up on what I deserve & not settling!"

Michelle C

"From The Greatness groups, I've learned to say no. Loving myself, changing my self talk, realizing my pain I've covered up. Discovering who I am with no apologies."

Your Journey to Success

Improve your life by creating a new path clean of past dusty memories.

If you understand the theory, but still feel “stuck”, this book will give you the WHY behind everything and the HOW so that you can finally heal your darkness without the guilt.

It’ll give you the one skill most of us have not been taught that will enable you to break past patterns and really understand how to achieve your goals, whether professionally or personally.

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Heal The Hurt

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